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  • ALAN

    Brilliant, as long as you stick to a plan, use every day and you will see a massive difference.


    Really great product, I've used other strips and these definitely whiten better than other brands. Not painful or sensitive to use on teeth. Would recommend

  • SEAN

    Worked just as it said and didn't damage my teeth either. Exactly what I've been looking for.


    Great value, these stay on well if you follow the instructions properly (make sure you dry your teeth, a little flannel works best and doesn't leave bits of tissue around your mouth). I don't mind wearing these - I had one of the tray systems before and that made talking difficult, and produced a lot more saliva. I stick these on for an hour whilst reading in the evening/studying etc. and forget about them. Easy to get off, and then have a quick brush afterwards. None of this 'special activating toothpaste' stuff that you must use before and after. I've noticed no difference in sensitivity between these and much more expensive versions - I always get sensitive teeth.


    Love these no sensitive teeth after and can notice the difference after using one strip. Only need one a month now my teeth are so white after 6 strips.


    These are one of the best teeth whitening strips I've used! Quick delivery. Excellent product! Recommended;)

  • EMMA

    Swear by these little strips order them every month and walk around with a gleaming white smile! So affordable too suggested them to lots or friends now and they are all so pleased with the results


    Buy these regularly for friends and myself! They work wonders... I love them. Fast delivery too.


    So amazing, literally just taken off my first ever strip and am absolutely blown away, my teeth must be at least 3/4 shades whitener, and they were really naturally yellow before! I've using whitening tooth pastes and all sorted to try and whiten my smile but nothing have worked this effectively and fast! Maybe you have to keep up using them to retain the whiteness but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing my results with using them for a week. Try them!!!


    I'm very pleased with these strips. I have never used anything like this before, and I bought them to whiten my teeth for a special event. I experienced no pain or sensitivity at all, and great results!